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Working to eradicate medical mistreatment in immigration detention

Brook House IRC Public Inquiry

Medical Justice is a Core Participant in this first ever public inquiry into immigration detention

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Medical Justice volunteer clinicians visit people held in immigration detention, document scars of torture, assess deterioration in health, and challenge medical mistreatment.

We use medical evidence to secure lasting change through research, policy work, and strategic litigation. We work with parliamentarians and the media.

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I cannot imagine a life in detention. There was no hope. Nobody listened to me. I didn’t have a voice. I was in such a deep hole. To see someone come to you when you are locked up…Somebody came out of the blue. They reached out to me when I least expected it. When the doctor came to see me that day, it was a turning point in my life.

- AK, former detained person

What we do

Volunteer with Medical Justice

To enable us to reach more vulnerable people in immigration detention, we need volunteer clinicians, especially GPs and psychologists, to visit clients in detention and write reports or contribute remotely, by email, reviewing medical records and providing opinions.

We also need volunteer interpreters to help us reach the people detained who most need our help.