Director – Emma Ginn

Casework Manager – Theresa Schleicher

Senior Caseworker – Lisa Incledon

Caseworkers – Eliza Lass, Naomi Olaniyi, Lujain Alarnout

Clinical Advisers – Dr Liz Clark, Dr Rachel Bingham

Clinical Trainers – Dr Joe Bourdillon-Schicker, Dr Mary Kamara

Clinical Assessors – Dr Joanna Brilliant, Dr Sara Alsaraf, Dr Sarah Clark

Responsible Officer – Dr Angela Burnett

Policy, Research and Parliamentary Manager – Idel Hanley

Parliamentary & Research Analyst – Elspeth Macdonald

Researchers – Ariel Plotkin

Office Manager – Anthony Omar

Brook House Inquiry Consultant – Hannah Chambers

Trauma Treatment International (TTI)

Medical Justice commissioned TTI to undertake a trauma-informed organisational assessment to understand stressors and risk factors that staff are exposed to. We are implementing TTI’s recommendations to mitigate the effects of vicarious trauma, to help us to work with traumatised clients in the most compassionate way possible, and to increase resilience. All staff now receive individual psychological therapy and regular group clinical supervision sessions by clinical psychologists experience with experience of working with extremely traumatised people.