Indefinite Despair: the health consequences of the UK’s plans to forcibly expel people seeking asylum to Rwanda.

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This joint webinar with the BMA, Médecins Sans Frontières and Medical Justice will aim to shine a light on the severe health impacts of the UK’s policy to remove people seeking asylum in the UK to Rwanda. We will also discuss how the medical community in the UK can push the government to abandon this cruel plan.

The agreement between the government and Rwanda enables the UK to forcibly remove those attempting to claim asylum in the UK deemed to have arrived by irregular routes. It is modelled on Australia’s failed offshore detention policy where people seeking asylum were detained on Nauru and Manus Islands with horrific consequences for their health.

The policy is already having a devastating impact on the health and wellbeing of those targeted and has been strongly condemned by the BMA and the rest of the medical community. The prospect of removal has exacerbated people’s mental health conditions (including PTSD and depression) and caused fear, confusion, uncertainty about safety, and a loss of hope. For some, it has increased their risk of self-harm and suicide.


What you will learn

Join us and listen to our expert panel talk about the health consequences of the Rwanda policy and discuss how we can help. The event will be chaired by Professor Martin Mckee, CBE and professor of European public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Other speakers include Dr Rachel Bingham (right), Clinical Advisor for Medical Justice, a member of the MSF medical team, a person with lived experience of being held on Nauru Island, and a person who has been handed an intent to be removed to Rwanda by the UK Home Office.

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BMA and Medecins Sans Frontiere