We are very pleased to announce details of our next Basic Training Day which will take place on Saturday 16 March 2024. The training day will start from 9.45am and end at 5.30pm.

We are very excited to be able to offer this training in person in Central London. The training day is supported by self-study modules in the assessment of mental health and scarring which we recommend those new to this field complete in advance of the day (approx 4 hours).

Our Basic Training Day is for doctors and psychologists who are interested in volunteering for Medical Justice as medico-legal report writers, visiting detained people in detention centres or conducting remote assessments, assessing their health and documenting clinical evidence of torture and other health issues.

The aim of this course is to gain an understanding of the health and legal needs of asylum seekers and other people detained under immigration powers. The skills learnt will focus on assessing persons detained under immigration powers, as well as medico-legal report writing

The training covers the relevant legal processes, assessing scarring and mental health and report writing skills.

Requirements from Doctors:

  • ST4 or above, or with equivalent clinical experience (i.e. completed 5 years’ post-qualification)
  • Full registration from the GMC with a licence to practice
  • Indemnity insurance
  • Clinical experience at ST1 level or above with adults or adolescents age 16 or over within the last 3 years. This may include clinical experience with adults in non-NHS or overseas settings.

Requirements from Clinical Psychologists:

  • At least two years’ post-doctorate experience (or relevant extensive experience in a specialist refugee or trauma service)
  • Professional registration with the HCPC
  • Indemnity insurance
  • Clinical experience with adults or adolescents age 16 or over within the last 3 years (slightly less recent experience may be acceptable if extensive).


Participation fees

On request, fees are reimbursed after the doctor has written an MLR for a Medical Justice referral


£120 – Consultant/GP

£80 – Trainee doctors (ST4 onwards), retired doctors and psychologists

Free – Medical Justice volunteer (carried out one detention visit in last 12 months)


Note: please tell us if you would have difficulties paying a fee – we can help.

How to apply

Please follow link below and provide the information requested and we will be in touch once your details have been reviewed by our Clinical Advisors.

If you are unable to attend in person, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please contact Anthony on a.omar@medicaljustice.org.uk

Submit Registration Details


Medical Justice is a small charity that sends volunteer clinicians into the UK’s 7 IRCs to visit men and women detained arbitrarily and indefinitely. We assist about 1,000 detained people a year, most of whom are asylum seekers, and most are later released. Our volunteer doctors write medico-legal reports (MLRs) documenting the scars and mental health consequences of torture, identify unmet health needs and challenge instances of inadequate healthcare provision. We are the only charitable organisation in the UK that does this. Our training is therefore unique and provided by experienced doctors in the field.