WATCH HERE – 6th July 2022 – 9.45am

Questioned on Rwanda scheme : Medical Justice, Asylum Aid, the Refugee Council, the Institute for Government and ex-Director Generals at the Home Office

The Home Affairs Committee examines the implementation of the Rwanda asylum agreement on Wednesday 6 July when it takes evidence from refugee charities and former heads of UK Border Force and Immigration Enforcement.

Under the agreement with Rwanda, anyone who has entered the UK irregularly since 1 January 2022 will be considered for relocation. Claimants whose asylum applications are rejected will stay in Rwanda or return to their country of origin. Successful asylum applicants will also stay in Rwanda – there is no circumstance where an applicant will be returned to the UK. All individuals on the first scheduled flight were removed before take off following legal action. The Government has stated it will continue to plan future flights.


Purpose of session

In this session the Committee will hear from charities supporting refugees identified as being eligible for the Rwanda relocation scheme. It will examine their concerns about the policy and the process for notifying those subject to removal. It will also examine how decisions are appealed and what legal support is available.

The Committee will then take evidence from former Director Generals at UK Border Force and Immigration Enforcement, and an Institute for Government academic, on how immigration policy is, and should be, developed. This will include how the Rwanda policy relates to the UK’s broader refugee strategy and attempts to reach agreement with other nations, particularly in the EU. It will also consider the effectiveness of the Rwanda agreement as a deterrent for people smuggling and the challenge of disrupting criminal gangs.



Panel 1

  • Enver Solomon, Executive Director, Refugee Council
  • Theresa Schleicher, Casework Manager, Medical Justice
  • Alison Pickup, Director, Asylum Aid

Panel 2

  • Tony Smith CBE, ex-Director General, UK Border Force
  • David Wood, ex-Director General, Immigration Enforcement
  • Rhys Clyne, Senior Researcher, Institute for Government