Watch Medical Justice’s live evidence
* Opening Statement – watch here (Stephanie Harrison QC starts at 46 mins)
* Theresa Schleicher – watch here (starts 1 hr 57 mins)
* Dr Rachel Bingham – watch here (starts at 25 mins)

Theresa Schleicher’s first witness statementdownload
* Policy History for the Adults at Risk Statutory Framework
* Defects in the system of safeguards for vulnerable detainees
* Medical Justice’s concerns with the Adults at Risk policy

Theresa Schleicher’s second witness statement download
* Medical Justice’s involvement with Brook House
* Medical Justice casework experiences : Brook House in 2017
* Medical Justice’s response to BBC Panorama
* Concerns at Brook House post-Panorama
* 28 case-studies during the relevant period in 2017
* 5 case-studies since the relevant period

Theresa Schleicher’s third witness statement download
* Clarification regarding healthcare provider at Brook House IRC

Dr Rachel Bingham’s witness statement download
* Medical Justice’s Clinical Work
* Training for Medical Justice Volunteer Doctors
* Medical Justice’s Process for Completing Medico-Legal Reports
* Medical Justice’s relationship with Brook House IRC Healthcare
* Challenges for doctors working in immigration detention
* Medical Justice’s experience of healthcare at Brook House IRC
* Ineffectiveness of clinical safeguards against detention of vulnerable people
* Use of force and restraint on vulnerable detainees
* Misuse of Segregation for management of vulnerabilities
* Case Review of 6 people detained at Brook House during the relevant period
* Review of 81 Rule 35 reports
* Thematic Overview of Use of Force/R40 issues arising from the Inquiry’s Disclosure

Emma Ginn’s witness statementdownload
* Medical Justice Monitoring, Research, Investigations and Publications
* Medical Justice’s direct engagement with the Home Office
* Most Recent Developments in the IRC Estate
* Proposals for change, suggestions and lessons learned

Medical Justice’s closing submissions download
* Written submissions available to download and view here

Dr Brodie Patterson witness statementdownload
* Expert in restraint reduction

Application for Core Participant Status
Medical Justice applied for Core Participant status 15th April 2020. Our application was provisionally refused 14th August 2020. We made a renewed application 11th September 2020 and made oral submissions at a preliminary hearing on 25th September 2020. Our application was accepted 9th October 2020. You can download the determination of our application here.