You are invited to watch the Medical Justice challenge of “no-notice” removals in the Court of Appeal next week


Live-stream starts 10am Tuesday 7th July 2020 – listed for 3 days (i.e. 7-9th July inclusive)


Due to its high profile and legal significance, C2/2019/0050 FB (Afghanistan) -v- SSHD and C4/2019/2478 Medical Justice -v- SSHD has been selected for live-streaming which you can access by clicking the link above.

This case is about access to justice. The Home Office removal window policy enables it to refuse a migrant’s case and forcibly remove them from the UK within hours and in many cases without access to legal representation.  This has led to a series of deportations which the Home Office has acknowledged were unlawful.

Under the removal window policy we didn’t know whether our clients would still be in the country from one day to the next which made supporting them and planning casework even more difficult than usual. 

In March 2019, at Medical Justice’s request, the Administrative Court granted an injunction suspending the no-notice removals policy – this is making an enormous and vital difference in our ability to manage our casework and support clients.  All organisations and lawyers representing migrants subjected to removal notices are still benefiting from the injunction. Many thousands of migrants may have been affected.
This hearing is to appeal a ruling by the Administrative Court in September 2019 and ties together challenges brought by Medical Justice, represented by Public Law Project (PLP), and FB, an individual represented by Duncan Lewis Solicitors.  Medical Justice’s barristers are Charlotte Kilroy QC of Blackstone Chambers, Alison Pickup, PLP’s Legal Director and Tony Vaughan of Garden Court Chambers. The instructing solicitor is Rakesh Singh of PLP.